Scaling polygon for 

SX Network is an EVM-compatible blockchain designed to disrupt the $200B sports betting industry.

Betting Volume$400M+
Community Treasury$50M+
Developing Projects20+

Join the SX Movement

Build your project on the SX Network Blockchain

Battle-tested blockchain, Built with Polygon

Built using the Polygon SDK and with the Polygon team.

Leverages the security of Polygon through checkpointing.

Ultra-low gas fees without sacrificing on security.

Built by Polygon developers, for Polygon developers

Fully-EVM compatible.

Easily port your Ethereum or Polygon dApp to SX Network.

Benefit from Ethereum, Polygon and SX's network effects.

Direct investment into projects, from the SX Community Fund

SX Community Fund makes direct investments into projects.

Huge warchest with access to +50% of the token supply.

Community Fund controlled via SX Token holder voting.

Superior Tokenomics

$50,000,000+ ecosystem fund, being invested into new projects each month.

100% of the fees earned by the SX's prediction market SX Bet go to the community fund.

Completely controlled by the community.

SX Bet

SX Network's first community-owned project

SX Bet solves the biggest challenges faced by bettors today.


Earn tokens where you play

Low Cost

Bet peer-to-peer to reduce transaction fees


Count on publicly audited smart contracts

Access DeFi

Utilize the power of DeFi to maximize returns

SX Bet

The largest blockchain betting platform in the world. Owned by SX

$400M+All Time Volume
$100K+Monthly Revenue

Sports Betting Reimagined

Bet peer to peer, right from your wallet

No bans, no limits

No deposits or withdrawal fees

Earn SX Network tokens as you play

Web3 Betting Poised for 1000x Growth




Web3 Betting
(SX Bet)

Crypto Betting
(Stake, Rollbit)

Traditional Betting
(Bet365, Fanduel)

Backed by the best

Leading Funds

CMCC Global
Hack VC
FJ Labs
Sybil Capital
Box One Ventures

Angel Investors

Jack Herrick

Founder, WikiHow

Josh Hannah

Co-founder, Betfair

Hart Lambur

Founder, UMA

Alexander Pack

Co-founder, Dragonfly Capital

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder, Polygon

Alex Tapscott

Author, Blockchain Revolution


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